Please contact us with any questions regarding tuition, discounts, or class selection! We'll be more than happy to help!!

2016-2017 Tuition Rates

2016-2017 Tuition Rates

Pricing Strategy

At Synergy Dance Center, we aim to provide our families with an affordable dance education.  While we still must remain competitive in our marketplace, we will strive to provide our dancers with the same affordable opportunity to learn what we love most. 

As our pricing schedule below will indicate, we have monthly tuition rates and a family registration fee.

Additional discounts will apply for ALL of our families such as: 2+ classes per week, 2+ dancers per family. In addition, we have multiple payment plans for discounts as well!

Contact us for more information. 


Policy Strategy

While any business must have policies in place to run in an orderly fashion, we have policies set for the ease of our families. 

The policies that we have in place also allow us to provide a fun, educational, friendship-building and family-friendly environment for our dancers. 

All policies and procedures of the studio can be found in our Registration Packet by Clicking HERE