Classes that we offer!

Beginner Ballet & Tap

A great starter class that offers a unique combination of Ballet, Jazz & Tap with a bit of fun and games! This class is a perfect way to introduce your 2.5-4 year old to the world of dance. Dancers will be taught the basics of dance in a creative and nurturing environment!


A high energy form of dance that combines many unique styles. Dancers will be exposed to styles such as Bob Fosse, Modern Jazz, Broadway Jazz, and many more.  A very entertaining form of dance that typically involves leaps, jumps, turns, and many more stylistic movements typically performed to music from yesterday to today.


A popular form of dance where the dancers wear shoes with small metal plates.  In this form of dance, dancers create and follow the rhythm of the song they're performing with.  

Irish Dance

A group of traditional dance forms originating in Ireland.  

Hip Hop

One of today's most popular forms of dance with styles that evolved from a combination of urban street dance and jazz. In this class, dancers will learn the fundamentals of hip hop combined with other forms of dance.


A style of dance this is the base for all dance styles. This class will build a solid foundation for other forms of dance by placing an emphasis on technique, flexibility, strength and balance.

Lyrical / Contemporary

A hybrid of jazz and ballet, this class will build upon the dancer's existing technique while allowing them to express themselves through dance. With an emphasis on the lyrics and emotion of music, dancers will be able to "tell a story" through choreography and improvisation. Very similar to modern day "contemporary" dance that you see on popular TV shows such as So You Think You Can Dance.