Proper dance attire is required for all classes. This is to not only benefit the movement of the dancer and their safety, but also to help better assist the teacher in giving corrections and maintaining uniformity within the studio. PLEASE CONTACT US WITH ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING DRESS CODE!

Shoes from popular stores such as Payless, Target, Kohls and more are UNACCEPTABLE and UNSAFE for dancers in the dance studio.

Hair is to be Secured Up and Away from face in every class. Jeans, Dresses, and Skirts are UNACCEPTABLE.

Please see the below for the full dress code list by class type!! Please see below on where to obtain items from our dress code!!

  • Jazz

    • Tan Slip-On split sole jazz shoes.

    • Any kind of dancewear, no baggy sweatpants or sweatshirts. If wearing shorts other than biker shorts, tights (any color) must be worn.

  • Hip-Hop

    • BLACK Hip Hop/Dance Sneakers are required. NO STREET/ATHLETIC SNEAKERS!

    • Comfortable dancewear. NO JEANS! If wearing shorts other than biker shorts, tights (any color) must be worn.

  • Lyrical

    • Bare feet, FOOTUNDEEZ, or “Canvas Pirouette” Shoes preferred. NO SOCKS

    • Any color leotard is required. Convertible/Stirrup/Footless Tights are required, biker shorts, or any dancewear for bottoms. No baggy clothing. Hair Secured in a BUN.

  • Ballet

    • Ages 2.5-4: Pink leather ballet shoes.

    • Ages 5+: Pink canvas ballet slippers

    • Any Color Leotard with pink tights is required. You may also wear a ballet skirt or warm up shorts.

    • Hair is to be pulled out of the face in a BUN. Ballet slippers from non-dance related stores (i.e. Target, Payless etc.) will NOT be acceptable this year. They are unsafe for the dancers!

  • Tap

    • Ages 2.5-4 - Black, Shiny Ribbon Tie Tap Shoe.

    • Ages 5+: Black Leather Tie Tap Shoes. Split Sole optional for ages 11+!

    • For clothing – follow dress code for your dedicated combination class.

  • Irish

    • Black Leggings or Biker Shorts.

    • For footwear, please wear Black ballet slippers or Traditional Irish Dance Shoes.

    • No sneakers & No Barefeet.

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  • Studio passphrase: Synergy189

  • In the drop down, select your child’s class(es). Required shoes and recommendations for dancewear will be listed for you to choose from.